The Mind and Soul Foundation
The Mind and Soul Foundation - This logo was the first step in the ongoing rebrand of the mental health charity. They were looking for quite a soft rebrand i.e. moving the brand forward yet retaining some of the key elements. The previous logo used a photo realistic shell and a similar colour palette.
Undefeated was a campaign run by an international development charity discussing the journeys of Paralympic athletes and the difficulties facing people with disabilities in developing nations. The visuals needed to be dynamic and highlight strength and ability. See the full suite of resources here.
Basketball Scotland TDP
Basketball Scotland: Talent Development Programme – This is a scheme aimed at young teens. One aim was to create a logo mark that the young people would want as a clothing brand as well as having an air of authority, achievement and professionalism.
The Contextual Theology Centre Logo
The Contextual Theology Centre is a research group and think tank focused on social justice in east London. The rebrand was part of a wider project to make the branding properly represent the diverse and contemporary engagement of the CTC. The new brand is expressed in the design of the new site and across their social media presence.
Sacred Flame Ministries
Sacred Flame Ministries is a small Christian missionary charity. Sacred Flame needed a brand and a website that would faithfully represent the work they do throughout the world. One of the most important things is that visitors to the site would be impressed that the charity was more farsighted and more effective than they previously thought.
Logos & Branding


Opposite is a selection of logos designed over the last couple of years. Most of these were part of wider branding and re-branding projects across web and print.


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